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Casa Royal

Královské Vinohrady- CASA ROYAL-  a royal investment in the street Španělská 4 and a project that will speak to the future generations. Luxurious studios/flats under the reconstruction on the lucrative address.

Historical building Casa Royal doest not only have a noble name but it is also located in one of the most prestige area in the centre of Prague.

Neo-Renaissance building is a pride of “Royal Vinohrady” already since its original construction in 1888 and is watching over the border Prague 1 and Prague 2 for almost 130 years now.

Splendid views over Prague castle and the whole city together with its neighbourhood of  the poetic park “Riegrovy sady” creates a unique combination of a pleasant living and an exclusive investment.Casa Royal with the flats reconstructed far above the common standard in Prague.

While purchasing one of the flats or commercial space you will also buy a part of the precious heritage in historical Prague..

A delicate balance of original artistic features with modern materials while reconstructing and renovating, all with a warm touch of Spain, creates a unique product that satisfies even the most demanding clients. The precise work of the development company helps to the  historical building a new charm, to transmit a soul and renew a forgotten fame.

Mi casa, tu casa.

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Casa Royal

Mi Casa, Tu casa

Španělská 759/4, Prague

Luxurious studios and flats in Royal Vinohrady

Unique investment with noble style


Luxurious flats in a beautiful and turistic area right in the heart of the City. Great address. Unique investment.


In the neighborhood

If Casa Royal, then in a part of Prague with a Royal name, in a neighbourhood popular among tourists, locals and expats. Španělská street is located right above the famous Venceslav square and Museum, which are both just few steps from the building.

The famous park “Riegrovy sady” is  right around the corner and from this parc all visitors can get the most panoramic views over the whole city, they can relax or meet with locals or other expats in the biggest beer garden in Prague.

All such restaurants, museums, galleries or night clubs offer the rich neighbourhood the all year long.

The main railway station is within a walkable distance as well as the metro station Muzeum on the red line C or several tram lines connecting the residence with the rest of the city and with the rest of the world.

Riegrovy sady is a great place for afternoon walks or chill-out with friends
Enjoy the night life and culture everywhere around you

Perfection itself

For our most demanding clients we have carefully selected the top brands form the wold of Bathrooms. Surround yourself with the pure beauty and estetical design.




Exclusive brand with a sounding name. Embodiment of irredeemable Giorgio Armani style which satisfies the most demanding clients.


Roca is a Spanish producer of luxurious sanitary products. It is one of the leading brands in Spain with presence in more than 135 countries. 1999 Swiss manufacturer Keramik Holding LAUFEN gets acquired by Roca Sanitario, giving birth to the current World leader in the production of Bathroom solutions.



7.NP7041+kkJV-SZ25 7,8 SoldDetail
6th7031+kkJV-SZ54,6 6,9 7 704 000 AvailableDetail
6th7021+kkJV-SZ56,2 6,3 7 928 000 AvailableDetail
6th7011+kkSE27,2 SoldDetail
5th609atelierSE14,7 SoldDetail
5th6081+kkSE23,9 4 173 000 ReservedDetail
6.NP6071+kkNW29,2 4 980 000 AvailableDetail
5th606atelierNW24,5 SoldDetail
6.NP605AteliérNW24,1 SoldDetail
5th6041+kkNW25 SoldDetail
6.NP6031+kkNW29,1 4 990 000 AvailableDetail
5th6021+kkSE23,2 3 998 000 AvailableDetail
5th601atelierSE17,9 SoldDetail
4th509atelierSE14,3 2 864 000 AvailableDetail
4th5081+kkSE24,3 4 695 000 AvailableDetail
5.NP5071+kkNW26,5 5 141 000 ReservedDetail
5.NP5061+kkNW27,9 5 413 000 ReservedDetail
4th5051+kkNW24 4 646 000 AvailableDetail
5.NP5041+kkNW27,6 5 355 000 AvailableDetail
5.NP5031+kkNW28,2 5 471 000 ReservedDetail
4th5021+kkSE23,3 4 521 000 AvailableDetail
4th501atelierSE17,6 2,4 3 932 000 ReservedDetail
4.NP409AteliérSE14,5 SoldDetail
3rd4081+kkSE24,5 4 497 000 AvailableDetail
4.NP4071+kkNW28,4 5 235 000 AvailableDetail
4.NP4061+kkNW26,7 4 921 000 ReservedDetail
3rd4051+kkNW25 1,7 SoldDetail
3rd4041+kkNW26,9 4 958 000 AvailableDetail
4.NP4031+kkNW28,2 5 198 000 AvailableDetail
3rd4021+kkSE23,4 4 313 000 AvailableDetail
3rd401atelierSE17,7 3 348 000 ReservedDetail
3.NP309AteliérSE14,1 SoldDetail
2nd3081+kkSE24,4 SoldDetail
2nd3071+kkSE27 4 715 000 AvailableDetail
3.NP3061+kkNW27,7 SoldDetail
3.NP3051+kkNW24,2 SoldDetail
2nd3041+kkW26,7 SoldDetail
3.NP3031+kkNW28,2 4 924 000 ReservedDetail
2nd3021+kkSE23,3 3 995 000 AvailableDetail
3.NP301AteliérSE17,5 SoldDetail
2.NP209AteliérSE14 SoldDetail
1st 2081+kkSE24,3 SoldDetail
1st 2071+kkNE26,9 4 436 000 AvailableDetail
2.NP2061+kkNW27,2 SoldDetail
1st 2051+kkNW26 SoldDetail
1st 2041+kkNE25,7 SoldDetail
1st 2031+kkNE27,9 4 598 000 AvailableDetail
2.NP2021+kkSE23,2 SoldDetail
2.NP201AteliérSE17,4 SoldDetail
1.NP108AteliérSE14,4 SoldDetail
GF1071+kkSE24 3 890 000 AvailableDetail
1.NP1061+kkNW26,5 4 319 000 AvailableDetail
GF1051+kkNW26,5 SoldDetail
1.NP1041+kkNW27 4 398 000 ReservedDetail
GF1031+kkSE26,5 4 319 000 AvailableDetail
GF1021+kkSE23.2 SoldDetail
1.NP101AteliérSE17,2 SoldDetail
LGF012Commercial spaceNW273,3 19 950 900 AvailableDetail
1.PP011Ateliérskylights27,3 SoldDetail
1.PP010Ateliérskylights23,8 SoldDetail
1.PP009Ateliérskylights18,8 SoldDetail
1.PP008Ateliérskylights23,9 SoldDetail
LGF007atelierskylights25,3 SoldDetail
1.PP006AteliérSE16,7 SoldDetail
1.PP005AteliérSE27,3 4 237 000 ReservedDetail
1.PP004AteliérNW36,7 5 340 000 AvailableDetail
1.PP003AteliérNW26,5 3 856 000 AvailableDetail
LGF002atelierSE22,7 3 524 000 ReservedDetail
1.PP001AteliérSE16,1 SoldDetail

Purchase condition

Detail purchase conditions and timeline you can download here in PDF.

The prices are final after reconstruction

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Michaela Rumlerová

Project Manager

Dmitriy Zakharov


Andrea Vaculíková



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